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Subscription Licenses for all products from Microsoft,
Red Hat, UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Trend Micro.

- Pay per user or device thus savings of 20% to 55%
as compared to any perpetual license investments made.
- Zero upfront costs and investment, No CAPEX.
- Pay only for what you use. Any increase/decrease on a monthly basis.
- Migrate from any of your existing licensing programs

Train Commute

Many times a company requires specific software for a short period, but cannot afford it due to the overall buying cost of the whole software. Here Automate IT provides the “Product as a Service” option so that businesses don’t have to face losses just because they do not have access to certain types of software. Under these services Automate IT provides products that can support the short-term requirement by providing you a subscription license.

Under these services Automate IT provides you:



Pay per user or device model is used which can provide you huge savings that can be invested elsewhere. Depending on various factors you can save up to 20% to 50%, hence, proving the cost-effectiveness of this service.

No hidden payments

No hidden costs or payments are asked for these services. The payment method is transparent and easy to understand and does not involve any CAPEX as well. If one wants to use more services than the cost decreases or increases according to them.

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Compliant services

The services provided are flexible and compliant as they allow the user to migrate from one program to another. Automate IT provides subscription licenses for products like Trend Micro, Automation Anywhere, and many more.

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