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Everything You Need to Know on the new FTE rules

As you might be aware that the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Safeguard Rules go into effect on 9th June 2023. The FTC has advised all non-banking financial institutions who store customer data either on public cloud or on premise to start implementing these recommendations now.

The key MUST HAVES of these recommendations for all businesses are as follows:

  1. An IT Risk Assessment of Storage, Network, Applications & End Points

  2. Continuous Monitoring and Annual Penetration testing of Networks / Applications by dedicated resource or a Service provider.

  3. Incident reporting and support structure via dedicated or service provider

  4. IT Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment / checks every 6 months to be documented and assessed with recommendations and resolution done.

More details on the FTC recommendations are enclosed for your review below:

If you aren’t sure of what to do next and enable your business to be compliant with these rules, we are offering a free risk assessment for till the end of March 2023. Please reply with your contact information to schedule a convenient conference call with me immediately.

Download the FTC rule guidelines and contact us for further information:

+1 615 972 8726

FTC Rules - Automate IT Inc
Download PDF • 2.24MB


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