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Comprehensive Service covering:

- 24x7 Application & Infrastructure Monitoring for Availability, Performance, Alerts, Logs, Load behavior, Web Transactions
- Maintenance Services that include Backup,
Patching, Health checks, Fine-tuning and Security Assessments
- ITIL Service Management: Incident, Change, Problem, Request, Service Levels, Governance
- Covers Cloud, On-premise, DevOps environment
- End-user global service desk
- Pay per device / VMs per month


Solutions for every situation

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Comprehensive Service covering:

Managed IT implies outsourcing or hiring a third party to look after the IT needs of your company. At Automate a Managed IT 360° Services, that gives you a complete package of all the benefits that could be offered in these services.

The benefits provided are:

Call Center Headset

Proactive Support

These services provide a proactive approach to every problem. During the strategy building time, all the risks or dangers that might be present with the project are mitigated through proactive actions by the managing IT team.


The firm will be providing you with reports so that one could also understand the work being done on their site by the IT team and feel included.

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Monitoring helps to keep a close check on the project and the market so that the project could be upgraded from time to time, to keep it in the competition


Automate IT takes either pay per device or VMs per month. Hence, being more cost- effective than other options like having a whole IT department separately.

Accounting Tasks
Insurance Consultation

Smoother operations

The Managing IT team ensures that all the IT operations be it web transactions, site health checks, and many more, all are taken care of by a dedicated management team that allows smoother working in your site making your clients happy.

Automate IT provides 24X7 monitoring and support services to keep all your IT functions running steadily...

Speak to our team today and get a right solutions for your business

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